Books are exchanged for store credit.

We accept mainly paperback editions.

Hardcovers are either not accepted or store credit is € 0.50/€ 1.00 with the exception of books for which no paperback edition has come out, for example cookbooks or some art books.

Store credit value is determined on the basis of current market price, books’ condition, marketability and staff evaluation, and can be up to 25% of current market price.

Academic titles and textbooks might not be accepted. Before bringing them in for exchange, please contact us.

Please be aware that not all books are accepted (i.e. obsolete editions, overstock, bad condition) and we are not always able to guarantee trade-in eligibility at the time of purchase.

Books evaluation can only be done in person at the bookstore where the store credit can be used on purchases.

For more inquiries please contact us at